Goodbye, Buddy

We have a sad post this week as we say goodbye to our NBRAN adoptee, Buddy.

Buddy came to us at about 10 years old, after his previous lifelong owner became unable to care for him. It was another of life’s cruel reminder’s that there are no guarantees. His owner had just retired and was looking forward to a few more years with his hunting dog, Buddy, when a stroke ended those plans for his golden years.

Buddy fit right in and tried to make himself the king of our castle. Most of our pups simply let him strut around thinking he was Mr. Alpha Male and paid him little mind.

In recent months, he lost most of his vision due to a detached retina and glaucoma. Last week, he began having issues eating and a vet visit confirmed the worst, cancer. Over the weekend, he began a sudden decline and last night, we made the best choice we could for him.

He was not with us long, a couple years, but he was a fun dog to have around.

Rest easy, Buddy, and know you were loved.

Buddy (6/22/06-11/11/19)

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