Episode 6 Making Fitness Fun


We are talking a lot about canine fitness this month- and we need to. More than half of our dogs are overweight! But one of the things that will make getting and staying in shape a little easier is making it fun.

Learning with Loki and Bobbie Lyons

I had the chance to take a class with the guest on this episode of The American Canine Podcast and it was a blast.

Bobbie Lyons owns and operates Pawsitive Performance which offers dog training, fitness training and trick training around the globe and in NW Oregon where she lives.  She was part of the TEAM that contributed knowledge and experience to design the FitPAWS Master Trainer Program that is now the University of Tennessee’s Certified Canine Fitness Trainer Lab (CCFT II) and she is a course  “Instructor”  for the program.

And, as you’ll hear, she has another big announcement to make in this episode of The American Canine Podcast.

If you would like to check out her course offerings just click here or for more click here.

You can also follow this link to the Karen Pryor Academy.

In the podcast, I also spoke about MacKenzie the hero dog and there is more about her and American Humane in the links.

Until next time, get out there and do something with your dog!


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