When Politics Goes to the Dogs


Everybody knows that politics can be a dog eat dog business, but when a politician actually decides to attack a dog, it’s time to bite back!

Iowa is my home state. I grew up there and even years after leaving, still have strong family ties to the Hawkeye State (or the Tall Corn State if you dislike the U of I) so I pay close attention to politics there. I am also a dog lover, so when the two of those intersect, my ears perk up.

It appears that there are more dog lovers in Iowa as well. In a recent attack, the current incumbent Senator decided to go after her opponent, Democratic challenger, Theresa Greenfield, for taking a selfie with her dog, Ringo. If you have ever seen my photo feed, or my instagram (@theamericancanine) or the social media of anyone who has a canine buddy,  you will see countless selfies.

Ringo and Theresa Greenfield

This vitriol did more to help Greenfield, the underdog in this election, than it hurt her. In a single day, dog-loving donors had contributed more than $130,000 to the Democrat’s campaign after the canine-bashing call became public.

If you want to stand up against the dog-hating administration and help flip the Senate, you can find out more about Theresa Greenfield and her lab/beagle mix Ringo, here.


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