Veteran’s Affairs

He had served the US military for eight years, protecting presidents and risking his life in combat, but when he was diagnosed with cancer after being discharged, the government offered no help. Baddy is just one of America’s veterans being left behind after their tours of service are done. But now, maybe there is some…

End of Watch

Every day, police officers across this country put their lives on the line to protect the communities they serve. Sometimes, that costs them dearly. This week, Tacoma PD K9 Barney ingested some methamphetamine during a raid. Despite being rushed to an emergency clinic, the heroic pooch lost his life.

Loss for Words

My dear, sweet boy. You seem to have taken nearly all my words with you when you left and all I have left must say everything I feel and want you to know.  It is one word but it is so huge I can hardly utter it. It is “goodbye.” Snuffy, aka Snuffybear, aka Snuffleupagus,…

Difficult Days

when you come to understand “the rest of his life” now means a week at best, probably days and you realize how profoundly one little dog has impacted your life and the rock in the pit of your belly is huge and heavy and hollow all at the same time. That’s today.