Fighting COVID Sniff by Sniff

Some two years since COVID began spreading around the globe and trainers and researchers are finally seeing some real life applications for dogs trained to detect the virus.

Nature or Nurture?

Trainers and dog owners alike have argued over whether a dog’s breed or upbringing have a bigger impact. Will DNA testing answer the question or just raise more?

Earning his Bones

Once upon a time, a dog’s place in human society relied on what jobs he could perform for the group. That premise launches a relationship that has lasted thousands of years. While today, fewer and fewer dogs actually earn there spot in the pack, there are a few who still wake up every day and…

Old dogs, new science

We will probably never know the answer to one of life’s longest running and most mysterious questions. No, not “why are we here?” but “why are our dogs here? “ More specifically, how did a wild animal, fully capable of killing a man especially in pack mode, come to be our best friends and most…