A bump and a ride

So bad news. While giving Willow a much –needed bath, I felt a bump at the base of her tail. I thought at first it was a mat, but as I felt around, it ruptured. (Yuck, I know, I was there). So, after only a week in the house, Willow was on her way to the vet. I felt a little bad about this. She has a fascination with cars and on her nightly walks always wants to go to them. I am afraid she may think that sooner or later, one of them will take her back home. So her first car ride other than the one that brought her to our home, takes her to the doctor who pokes and prods her.

Dr. Bob did a quick once over and determined the lumps were tumors and needed to be removed. Poor girl also had some infection under her gumline from who knows how long without proper dental care.

Two days later I dropped her off at eight in the morning. Her second car ride took her to the same place and I don’t think she was happy about that. She tried to stiffen her front legs so I couldn’t make her walk in. She may be overweight, but little did she know I am strong enough to swoop her up and in we went.

Eight hours later I got her back. Her tail and butt are shaved and she has a line of stitches across the top of her tail, but seems to be okay. While she was under, they also cleaned her teeth and they look great, one would almost mistake her for a puppy. Well, not really, but they do look much better and the clean whiteness does make her look like she is in better shape.

Here is the even better news. In the three weeks she has been at the house, it appears she has lost five pounds! We have been giving her a high-protein raw diet that she seems to love and getting her to exercise as much as she will allow. She also seems to enjoy it. With the other dogs running and bouncing around her, I think she wants to be part of the pack or at least be mobile enough to avoid getting stepped on or left behind when they run off to the backyard.

Weight: 83 pounds

Walking distance: ¾ block each way


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