Big Announcement!


As promised, today we are making a big announcement.

The American Canine is now available as a PODCAST!

Celebrating ten years on the web as The American Canine seemed like the perfect time to step up the game. The blog will continue as it has, but there will be an additional podcast available about every two weeks. If you prefer reading, it will still be available right here along with supplemental pictures and links.

I am very excited about this opportunity to expand our reach and bring in some fabulous people to talk about how their dogs have had major impacts on their lives.

If you have any ideas about podcast (or blog) topics, anything special about you and your dog you would like to share, or anything you think would help make The American Canine a little better, throw me a bone and I’ll see what we can do.

Again, fetch The American Canine wherever you download your podcasts, and if you like it, rate, review, or share it.

Thank you for a decade of support. Until next time, put on your headphones, enjoy your fave podcast, and get out there and do something with your dogs!


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